Monday, March 23, 2009

My Angels Are Sick

Symone and Liam are sick. It's 2am and I am still awake. I cannot sleep and I am so worried. Hubby and I bought Symone's gown this afternoon. I am so exhausted and tired. We bought few things for the kids and luckily we found the perfect gift for Symone for her graduation. Symone did good last school year and we know that it is alright to give her the gift that she's been asking for since last year. Hubby and I bought a Labrador puppy for her. She wants to have a pet dog since last year. Hubby and I we're kinda hesitant to give her then but just this morning we decide to finally give her the gift that she wanted.

I'll be posting pictures of Symone's new pet soon

By the way Symone named the cute lil pup, BOLT

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Symone's Last Day of Exams

Today was the last day of Symone's final exams. I think that she did well with her exams. Her teacher gave me Symone's schedule for the rest of the school days till their graduation day. Symone has to go to school for the upcoming weeks for her graduation practices and for the release of her grades. Her graduation will be on the 4th of April. As I said on my previous post, Symone is accelerated to prep, so it is a must for her to take summer classes for her reading skills. Too bad that her summer swimming lessons will be postponed till next summer... :(

Anyway, I just uploaded pictures from camera and saw this...
Symone loves to take pictures and she was the one who took this picture of her with her brother Liam. I was planning to buy a new camera and when she learned that I am looking for a new one she's been begging me to give the old digital camera to her. She told me that she wants to bring the camera to school. I told her that as soon as I got the new cam, the old one will be hers. She is so excited and I can see it in her eyes.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Good Luck Symone!

My daughter Symone will be having her final exams this week. I am praying and hoping that she will do good on all of her tests. She studied so hard this weekend and I know that her hardwork will pay.

Anyway, Symone's teacher informed us that she will be accelerated next school year. From kinder 2 to Preparatory. I am so proud of my child! My happiness is over flowing and I am really grateful.

Symone is a very sweet little girl. A daughter that any mother could wish for. I love her to pieces!

Another upcoming event... A dear friend of hubby and me will be getting married on the 30th. Symone will be their flower girl. This will be another "FIRST" on my daughter's life. She is so excited! I am now browsing designs online for her gown.

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