Thursday, August 13, 2009

2 More Days

Symone's exam will be up until Friday so it means she still has 2 days more to study and review. Symone is sleeping now and I can say that she was so tired this noon. We studied for more than 2 hours for her exam tomorrow. I told her that as a reward to her, we will be going out on Saturday and Sunday. I told her that Daddy and I will be buying her super favorite Vanilla Frappe at Starbucks. She told me that she is so excited and she promised me to do good on her exams. I trust my daughter and I know that she will get good grades this quarter.

On the other hand, my son Liam never fails to amuse us everyday. He is so cute and we can't help but to adore him. He can now make funny faces and he can call us whenever he needs us. He loves to watch his favorite noontime show and can even say the title of the show... WOWOWEE... hahaha!

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