Saturday, August 29, 2009

Playful Kids

Last night, hubby, me and Symone went to my niece's 12th birthday party. We had dinner there with some friends. Symone had a great time with Ashley, Daphne's sister and Symone's best friend. We went home at 12 midnight and Symone was so tired that soon after her shower she went to bed and sleep. When we arrived home, Liam was sleeping already. I missed my son and if only I can wake him up, i definitely would.

Today, my kids were so busy playing. My Symone played with her bike while my son Liam was so busy diving her little toy car. They were so eager to race each other. I am so happy seeing them playing happily together so I grabbed the camera and took some pictures of my two lil naughty kids.

my "not so" little boy Liam with his broom broom ( that's what he calls his toy car )

busy playing with each other


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