Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy Moments - Rain Rain Go Away

mommy moments

My second time with Mommy Moments and I am really enjoying it. This week's theme is Rain Rain Go Away....

The photos were taken last January this year. My sister Ella and Symone having fun in the rain. I can say that Symone had a real good time playing in the rain. This is a very rare moment since my sister Ella is working abroad. Ella will be going back home this December and I know that Symone is excited to see her favorite "tita" again.

Anyway, my son Liam was sick during that time so he cannot join her Tita Ella and Ate Symone, poor little boy.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. buti pa si Symone nakaligo na sa ulan, my youngest hate it, and he don't even want to give it a try.
    Mommy Moments

  2. Great photos! They sure looked like they were having a good time in the rain. Happy MM! :)

  3. wow, dancing and enjoying the rain!! :D

  4. Oh it looks like fun hehheh...happy MM!

    Mine is here

  5. Your daughter seems crying while her tita is enjoying ;) Nice memories ;)


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